Of course you agree if I say that the first step is to getting fit is track your fitness and eating habits . The problem is it’s difficult for people who have busy schedules because they do not have time for it . But now that obstacle can be overcome by using a Fitbit Scale that is a digital sensor that you can put anywhere on your body and it will help keep track of your physical activity , the calories you burn , and even how much sleep you are getting throughout your day.

Fitbit Scale helps you know where you stand and get where you want to be with your weight goals. Aria is a high performance scale, tracking weight, body mass index (BMI) and % body fat over time.

It’s easy to set the Fitbit Aria Scale, and it automatically recognizes up to 8 different users in your home. That is, each user can keep their privacy’s weight information. At fitbit.com you’ll get a complete weight management system to help you set weight goals, keep on track and Achieve your targets.

Aria Scale – Easily Tracks Your Weight using Fitbit Aria Scale

aria scaleNow you can get all information you want around your body weight, because this Fitbit Scale tracks your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI, painting a picture of your long-term progress. It wirelessly syncs your stats with online graph and mobile tools that help you stay motivated and on track. When you’re in control, stepping on the scale feels good.

Like another scale, Fitbit Aria Scale measures your weight. That’s only half the story. The sclae also contains advanced technology to accurately assess your weight as well as your body fat % and BMI. Day after day, it helps you focus on results.

The easy-to-read display shows you what Fitbit Scale is tracking. It identifies you by name (or initials), then displays your weight and body fat %, letting you know when that info syncs to your account. Over time, go from fearing the unknown to feeling empowered. Even looking forward to that daily or weekly check-in.

On your own Smartphone or Computer, you can see charts and graphs of your weight trends over time to keep you on track. To keep you motivated, fitbit.com lets you set goals and earn badges, and then connect with friends and share that information as you see fit. You can also log food and activities, then use Fitbit’s food plan tool to guide you to how many calories you can eat and still meet your weight goals.

aria scale imageAria Scale Details

  • Accurately track your weight body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) online
  • Upload your stats automatically via wi-fi to fitbit.com to see graphs of your progress
  • Easy to set-up the aria will automatically recognize up to eight users
  • With aria each account is password protected so you can control how much and what data to share

Where You Can Order Aria Scale?

Once again, Fitbit Aria Scale is a popular body weight scale nowadays, so you are likely to find the product in your local department stores. Actually, online store is as well a great choice where you can place an order without even leaving home.